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Title Artist Time Signature
Infant Eyes Wayne Shorter other
What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong other
Blue Rondo Á La Turk The Dave Brubeck Quartet other
Pyramid Song Radiohead other
Losing It Rush other
All You Need Is Love Beatles other
Stengah (11/8) Meshuggah other
Traditional 19 Don Ellis Orchestra other
Metal Storm/Face The Slayer Slayer 9/8
Apocaplypse in 9/8 Genesis 9/8
Die Eier von Satan Tool 9/8
death bed hecate/raechel kozac 9/8
I Hung My Head Sting 9/8
Budy Giampi Elio e le storie tese 9/8
Starfighter #1479 Centro-Matic 7/4
Straight To My Heart Sting 7/4
Marathon - partial Rush 7/4
Waiting For 22 Queensryche 7/4
Storms Person L 7/4
Intension Tool 7/4
Ticks and Leeches Tool 7/4
I was Brought to my Senses Sting 7/4
dance like your selling nails venetian snares 7/4
The Best I Can Queensryche 7/4
Bath Neil Hannon (The Divine Comedy) 7/4
In the Dead of Night U.K. 7/4
La Villa Strangiato - A Lerxst in Wonderland Rush 7/4
Damaged - partial Queensrÿche 7/4
Saint Augustine In Hell Sting 7/4
Solsbury Hill Peter Gabriel 7/4

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