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Title Artist Time Signature
Happy Birthday ? 3/4
The Kill 30 Seconds to Mars 6/8
Lillian +44 3/4
Where's Mo? Abstrakt Collision 5/4
Boggled Abstrakt Collision 5/4
Blackhole Jam Abstrakt Collision 5/4
Adiemus Adiemus 6/4
Cryin' Aerosmith 6/8
Crazy Aerosmith 6/8
The Last Flight of Yuri Gagarin A Flock of Seagulls 6/8
Pi (God of Mercury) (Kick drum follows Pi) After The Burial other
Say Something A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera 6/8
Wind Akeboshi 5/4
Thank U Alanis Morissette 6/8
I'd Love You All Over Again Alan Jackson 3/4
She's Got the Rhthym (And I Got The Blues) Alan Jackson 6/8
Who Says You Can't Have It All Alan Jackson 3/4
www.memory Alan Jackson 6/8
Here In the Real World Alan Jackson 6/8
A House With No Curtains Alan Jackson 3/4
There Goes Alan Jackson 6/8
Wanted Alan Jackson 3/4
Black Velvet Alannah Myles 6/8
Sleep Like Breathing Alison Moyet 6/8
Steal Me Blind Alison Moyet 3/4
Wishing You Were Here Alison Moyet 6/8
Satelite Alison Moyet 6/8
Where Hides Sleep Alison Moyet 12/8
Love Letters Alison Moyet 3/4
Satellite Alison Moyet 6/8

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