The Sit/Stand/Walk/Flowerpot desk pits Terry Gilliam’s sense of design against a form-follows-function aesthetic as attractive as a Subaru1.


The big red button wires a usb cable to a big red button.

I made a big red button.  When pushed, it locks my computer.

urim: “Fortune-telling as a Button”, using the Big Red Button as the user interface for a Raspberry Pi Zero that tells your fortune.


make_wallpapers is a bash script that resizes pictures into exact desktop background sizes.

webcam-time-mosaic is a collection of bash and python scripts to run a mosaic/time-lapse camera. Take a picture every half-hour, build a thumbnailed and browsable archive, and combine all of the pictures into a mosaic. Works best with sky pictures, I think. Here’s Solar 20172 3, where the top left rectangle is 12:00 am on December 21st, 2016, and the bottom left rectangle is 11:30 pm on December 20th, 2017, and each rectangle is taken half an hour apart, and each row is one day and gray rows are where the camera was unplugged.

mixtape builds a folder of trimmed, cross-faded mp3s from a cuesheet and set of files.

horizontal lines labeled Previous Track and Output, with vertical dotted lines labeled with variable names like start_crop and and fadeout_length

monster control panel: a program for displaying who is taking a bath first tonight, and which parent is reading to which child first.

What Next? A proof of concept implementation of nihilistic task management.


Knitting: Just over 100 hats, several socks, one pair of slippers, a few scarves, a remote-control pocket.

Websites You’re looking at it.

American Apology Shirt was my 15 minutes of internet fame.

Songs not in 4/4 Time, which is currently offline, was an early attempt to crowd-source a complete list of songs that are … not in 4/4 time.