Urim, or, an API for fortune-telling

It turned out that I couldn’t use a big red button to lock my desktop because other people wanted to push the big red button. I recycled the big red button into a new project, an exercise in code text-to-speech and accessing public APIs.

Urim is FaaB: “Fortune-telling as a Button”, or, an experiment in BUI: “Button User Interface”. An Urim is a Raspberry Pi built into a big red button; push the button to get your fortune from a random fortune. For example: the next sunrise at your location; the next rocket launch; how many people are there in space? When and how will you die? Modular design for adding new fortunes. Speech synthesis by Google. Raspberry Pi project.

When the button is pressed, the speakers say something randomly picked from this list:

See Urim source code and hardware setup on Gitlab