Starting Backwards

Why can’t you just do it?

Why not just do the task that you need to do? Why use lists, task management, work orders, contracts, meetings? Why use paperwork and bureaucracy? Don’t they just slow you down? Let’s make a model:

All models are wrong; some are useful. How useful is this model useful? It’s probably useful for tying shoelaces; it’s probably not useful for planning a surgery. But how complicated does something have to be before the cost of additional process pays for itself? Sadly, the ‘shoelaces…surgery’ model is useless in answering the question, what is the limit of the ‘just do it’ model? Let’s look for some better boundaries.

If you don’t know what you want or need to do, then the model isn’t helpful at all. Example: if you don’t know whether you want to wear shoes or not, then ‘just do it’ doesn’t help. Or if you don’t know that you need to do something: if you don’t know your shoelaces came untied, then ‘just do it’ won’t help you figure out that you need to tie them right now.

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