Why I miss the Daily Dish

S Aufrecht

This version is primarily a personal blog, modeled after Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish, which other the racism, misogyny, and histrionics is sorely missed. Because:

  1. it was a feed of things I mostly wanted to read about or see or hear
  2. it was not restricted in topic
  3. it included short excerpts for each thing, so I could read just the excerpt and be content, or decide to read further
    1. when I liked the quoted excerpt and clicked the link, I could usually find the excerpt and its surrounding material
  4. it returned to topics over periods of weeks and years
  5. it was, eventually, free from advertising and advertising-driven decision-making
  6. it had multiple updates per day, every day
  7. it had an interesting and helpful editorial voice and commentary
  8. it had a curated selection of very intelligent user comments, which may rebut the original item or editorial thought
  9. it was made by professional employees getting real salaries

I would love to find something with all of those attributes again.