A few good rides

I’ve taken my new bicycle out for two rides now, both out to the beach. The first was to Ocean Beach, 17 miles round trip. The second, last Sunday morning when there was hardly any traffic, was also past Lindburgh field but then I turned into Mission Bay and chased some of the crew teams around. (Since Mission Bay is a bunch of peninsulas, islands, bridges, and public and private parks and resorts, a few hundred yards on the water can be four miles on a road.) I went a total of 27 miles, in about 2.5 hours of rolling time (with a fair amount of slow cruising). Planetbike sent a new bicycle computer to replace the one that fell into an elevator shaft, and it works very well. My butt and back started to get a bit stiff by the end of the trip, but I was afraid to slide the seat around until I get a grease pencil to mark its position so I can return to positions that I liked. I still have a tendency to wobble, especially at higher speeds where I have to pedal harder, but it’s certainly a fast bicycle.