A mystery cheese, and other pictures,

Cheese is almost all flown in from Australia or further, and it’s not cheap, ranging from S$20 to S$60 per kilo (S$10/kg is about as US$3/lb). This pale orange stuff was fairly cheap, but the way it was packaged, I couldn’t tell what it was. It smelled good, so I bought it, but then I couldn’t get it to taste very good. I tried various combinations of dark rye, crackers, dijon mustard, and soylent pink, but it was never more than so-so. Until I made some pasta and threw tiny cubes of it into the pasta sauce; then it was incredible. Umami festival in my mouth. Still no idea what the cheese was, though. It seemed like a visitor from the hard cheese family, Parmesan and Romano and whatnot, but it was closer to chedder in consistency, a bit crumbly and not very plastic.

Kona has a new chew toy:

And here are a few pictures from the balcony.