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I’ll be presenting a workshop next week at the 2006 AIRS I&R Training and Education Conference. (AIRS is the Alliance of Information & Referral Systems.) The topic of the workshop is “A Non-Technical Introduction to Open Source”. I have attached a working draft of my handout (with some areas incomplete), and would welcome any feedback. In particular, I am wondering what pieces of a Microsoft-based desktop or back office are most amenable (lowest risk; easiest) to replacing with open source. Here are my thoughts on that so far:

  • Use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer
  • Use OpenOffice instead of MS Office or Corel Office
  • Use evolution/thunderbird instead of Outlook
  • Use GAIM instead of AIM or Yahoo IM or MSN ...
  • Use a pre-installed Open Source desktop and operating system instead of Windows
  • Replace your mail/file server with a linux server