A space-saving redesign plus more megapixels for the Sit/Stand/Walk Desk

I rebuilt the Sit/Stand/Walk desk from an A-frame to a foot-deep rectangle so that it takes up a few feet less space back-to-front.  I also replaced the main 30" monitors with slightly smaller 4K monitors.  I have mounts for the laptop and phone but haven’t figured out a good place to put them, since the sliding up and down of the main monitors really takes up a lot of space.  The only realistic option is knee-level, but then they are useless in Stand/Walk mode.

Total pixel count:

HP 30" 2560 1600 4,096,000
LG 27" UHD 3840 2160 8,294,400
LG 27" UHD 3840 2160 8,294,400
Samsung 23” TV 1920 1080 2,073,600
Thinkpad X1 Carbon 2560 1440 3,686,400
OnePlus One 1080 1920 2,073,600
Total     28,518,400