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dog jumping over bar, with trainer watching closely

Kona and I went to Bishan Park to watch the 1st USDAA International Dog Agility Sanctioned Trials 2008

. We had to take a cab, since dogs aren’t allowed on public transportation in Singapore. It was raining, and the first three available cabs didn’t stop for us, but the fourth was happy to take us. The downpour delayed the start of the trials and we were the only spectators for a while, but after forty-five minutes the trials started and they were a blast. The photo album starts here (use “next photo” to flip through).

We also tried the mini-test they had set up for spectator dogs. It took some urging and several tries, but Kona went through all of the types of equipment successfully, without any food bribes. We got completely muddy and had a blast. Some nice people with a corgi who live near us even gave us a ride home.