Another day, another hat

Hat #35.  For an adult, not a baby.

I got on an airplane and picked up the knitting bag and found the pattern had gone missing.  I was just past the plain ribbing, having cabled the bigger cables once.  I decided to live la vida loca and just wing it (no pun intended) without the pattern.  I did another fifteen or twenty rows.  When I landed and (practically) rushed immediately to Atelier for a new pattern, I discovered that the smaller cable was supposed to twist twice as frequently.  So I ripped out all the bogus rows, which gave me a chance to practice threading a circular needle into a work in progress in order to unravel back to it, an activity that has haunted my dreams ever since I first conceived that I might some day need to do it.  The key lesson here, of course, is to never take risks, because they might break bad and you could find yourself doing something you never wanted to do.

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