Dictates from on high

So. How do I feel being a tiny cog in a giant machine? Prior to this gig I only once worked in a company bigger than a few hundred people. I was a contractor, but I would still get company-wide email, and some of it was pretty soul-killing, like the CEO arguing shrewishly—to his own employees—that the Gartner Group assessment of the company was unfair but not to worry, they'd get into the good quadrant next year. And yes, we get plenty of spam at OPM; I described some of it earlier. But some of the dictates from on high at least come from fairly high. This showed up in my inbox one day:

The White House yesterday released an Executive Order signed by President Barack Obama that states, in part:

"Federal employees shall not engage in text messaging (a) when driving GOV (Government-owned, leased, or rented vehicle), or when driving POV (privately-owned vehicle) while on official Government business, or (b) when using electronic equipment supplied by the Government while driving."

This Executive Order is effective immediately for all OPM employees and OPM contractors.