S Aufrecht

Not to mention that he´s REALLY FUCKING WEIRD LOOKING, even when he´s dressed in a tuxedo. He waddles all funny and his face is crooked and he sneers and he never shaves or combs his hair, and his eyes look in like six different directions at once. … And … he made all these disturbed POINTING JABBING GESTURES at the audience, like he was on drugs ….

And Chris Cooper, who won the Oscar for best supporting actor in “Adaptation”, and Pedro Aldomodovodomar, who won the Oscar for best original screenplay in “That Softcore Spanish One with Subtitles”, they both got up and gussied around and prayed for peace and shit. Fuck that. OUTRAGE is the APPROPRIATE RESPONSE, you GUTTERING LOONS. Not RESTRAINED MUSHMOUTHEDNESS. Anger and shouting. DISTURBING JABBY GESTURES are the call of the day, and I just hope that more folks like Michael Moore start getting on TV to make them.

—Pigdog Journal[^1]