Ediface Complex

In the last week and a half, I started a new job; took the civil servant oath [affirmation]; filled out the Declaration for Federal Employment (Optional Form 306), Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9), Statement of Prior Federal Service (Standard Form 144), Designation of Beneficiary (SF 1152), Education Data Update Form (Attachment 6 to FPM Ltr 298-42), Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment (Buyout) Certification Form, Self-Identification of Handicap (SF 256), Ethnicity and Race Identification (SF 181), Person to Contact in Case of Emergency (OPM Form 2927) and many others; went to a lot of meetings and met many people whose names I probably won't remember for another month; looked at eight apartments; signed a one-year lease, moved in, unloaded a storage unit, made extra copies of the keys, waited hours for the cable guy; mostly reassembled my bicycle; looked for and failed to find four critical retaining pins; sent in for Kona's new dog license; three times went looking for the new dog park in the wrong direction; twice went by the brand-new dog park when it was closed; given keys to a friend of a friend of a friend as part of the backup to the backup to get Kona taken care of during my first federal employee travel next week (Georgia, 3 days, business modeling training and meeting the technical counterparts to my Group); walked by the White House five or six times but only been able to see it through the trees once; and accidentally stumbled upon the Treasury. Details to follow. Today, a pilgrimage to IKEA.

Look closely at the middle of this picture. What's that by the streetlight?