S Aufrecht

Kona has several well-defined enemies:

  • the cover monster, who lurks under comforters, behind blankets, and within pillows, and who must be repeatedly defeated via combinations of leaping, worrying with the teeth, and biting until dry cotton-mouth overwhelms.
  • the vacuum monster, and her cousin the mobile vacuum monster aka the Roomba. Surprisingly, also found lurking in air mattresses. Confront by stalking leading to a determined pounce, and concluded with hasty, triumphant retreat, a bit of plastic grill proudly held in the jaw.
  • other dogs, to be bullied or avoided as relative size, apparent fierceness, and number and size of humans in her pack dictate.

    At the dog park

I wonder if she is happy with her enemies, or if she would willingly trade with me, getting in exchange "the perpetual difficulty of communication between people", "the improbability of accurate software schedule estimation", and Caltrain.