From the confessions of Wu Faxian

... in the last three days the Central Committee in Beijing had been using a new secret code ... I was very nervous because the Air Force cable communications monitoring station had reported the same code phenomenon ... Now I was beginning to feel there was a real possibility that Mao had been making secret contact with Beijing while he was away.

This kind of situation was quite unusual. Mao was possibly plotting against some people in his own ruling circle. That "somebody" might well be us.

... Lin Biao interrupted Huang Yongsheng and asked, "If I wanted to attack the Soviet Union now, could I? If the order were given now, how many minutes would be required for my order to be carried out?"

Huang Yongsheng didn't know how to answer. He looked at me. I was also unprepared. He looked at Li Zuopeng. Li Zuopeng said: "Intelligence Report #1577 [a falsified report] declares that the Soviet Union is posing serious threats to China's defense. We telephone you [Huang]. You recommend fighting, the conversation is recorded and your name is signed by proxy. Within twenty or thirty minutes, or even less, we will be able to submit the signed document to the Chief."

Wu Faxian was the Air Force Commander in Chief for Marshall Lin Biao at the time of Lin Biao's attempted coup in 1971.