Guess what? Another hat.

Hat #36.  For some reason this pattern never totally stuck in my head, so I was always going back to my little slip of paper, and when I did think I mastered it, I screwed up one of the cabling rows (don't look too closely at the top third).  Also, in person this yarn looks a bit like dryer lint, and once you see the connection, you can never unsee it, so I can't give this hat to anyone who reads my blog.

The pattern is in a lovely little book which doesn't name any of the patterns.  For a continuous pattern, in repeats of 12 stitches, 8 rows:

Row 1: p2, k8, p2
Rows 2, 4, 6, 8: knit
Row 3: C4F (cable four front, meaning, slip two stitches to the cabling needle, keep it in front, knit the next two stitches, then knit the two stitches off the cabling needs), k4, C4B (as C4F but keep it in back, not front)
Row 5: k4, p4, k4
Row 7: k2, C4B, C4F, k2

With the back-to-back cabling, I ended up with some little holes, somewhere on the spectrum between lace and mistake.  Definitely one pattern that I am uncomfortable learning from a book without someone to ensure I'm doing it right.
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