Harrowhawk's face

Spurred by Gideon the Ninth’s Hugo nomination, I present this list of descriptions of Harrowhawk Nonagesimus’s face:

“Her pale-painted face was a white blotch among all the black”

“her painted face and black-daubed chin, and her short-cropped, dead-crow-coloured hair”

“black eyebrows”

“the teeth she kept at her neck, the little bone studs in her ears”

“cropped black head and her face pinched with wrath”

“the red starbursts at the corners of her eyes, the pink smears of someone who hadn’t slept all night”

“Blood flecked Harrow’s lips”

“breaking out in blood sweat”

“hot, bloody face and trickling nosebleed”

“face dusted with a handful of luminescent powder that had stuck to the blood trails coming out her nose”

“that disdainful mask slipped in its blankness; her lips thinned”

“a painting of bloodless patience”

“sharp-angled, foxy chin was thrust out, and she still had a thick rime of blood circling each nostril, but with her burning black eyes”

“sharp-angled, foxy chin”

“painted study of innocence, of perfect unconcern.”

“blank and white and still.”

“acerbic little face”

“pointy nose”

“made her black-smeared mouth a mocking moue of shock”

“dark eyes”

“dark, black-rimmed eye”

“Her mouth was pinched in a tight ripple, worrying the black-painted blotch on the lower lip into blood”

“starbursts of broken red capillaries tucked into the white of each eye, but she turned those pitch-black irises”

“the whole left side of her jaw was just grey-tinted skin”

“such a peculiarly pointed little face, high browed and tippy everywhere, and a slanted and vicious mouth”

“a strangely fierce eye: mouth a worn-down line of indecision, forehead puckered as though she was thinking her entire face into a wrinkle. There was still blood flaking out of her eyebrows, which was gross.”

“Her eyes were so lightlessly black that it was hard to see the pupil; her mouth was thin and waspish and unsure.”

“There was something curious about Harrow’s face when it was not fixed into the bland church mask of the Reverend Daughter: something thin and desperate and quite young about it”

“blazing black eyes in a painted white face”

“The heavy eyelids shuttered open, revealing baleful black irises”

“coal-eyed expression”

“Without paint she was a point-chinned, narrow-jawed, ferrety person, with high hard cheekbones and a tall forehead. There was a little divot in her top lip at the philtrum, which gave a bowlike aspect to her otherwise hard and fearless mouth”

“eyes like coals that had burnt away.”

“her point-boned, hateful little face, her woeful black brows, the bloodless bow of her lips. She examined the disdainful set of the jaw, the panic in the starless eyes”

“a stringy lock of shadow-coloured hair”

“an affliction of beauty that Gideon had heretofore managed to ignore”

“bitter, high-boned, stupid little face”

“black eyes lightless and soft "

Spring 2020 seems like both the best opportunity and the worst time to wear a facemask styled after Gideon or Harrowhawk’s corpse paint.