Joel's Movie Review Scoring System



No Stars Wrapping your body in a burning nitrate print of this film would be more fun than watching it.Not recommended under any circumstances.
As above but substitute safety film.Not recommended under any circumstances.
Not completely without merit, but essentially a waste of time and money. Recommended in very limited circumstances.
★⯪ One or more interesting elements, but a failure as a movie and not generally recommended. Recommended in limited circumstances, to people with particular interest in a component.
★★ Entertaining or otherwise worth viewing in the absence of superior pursuits. Generally recommended if interested.
★★⯪ A good movie with one or more special elements, or a better movie hamstrung by problems. Limited endorsement.
★★★ One or more great elements or an altogether good show. Enthusiastically recommended to appropriate audiences, generally recommended.
★★★⯪ Many or most elements are outstanding. Enthusiastically recommended to almost everyone.
★★★★ A classic, having enduring merit and value beyond the immediate. Viewing vehemently advocated.
N/A Unable to rate Your mileage may vary