Justice is served for corrupt Air Force procurer

story.news.yahoo.comFinally, a bit of justice is served in the Boeing 767 Air Force scandal. This history of this thing was so extreme, that it looks like not only is somebody going to jail, but the somebody is the Air Force official who signed the checks on the terrible deal in exchange for a cushy Boeing job after she retired. They had to put the squeeze on her also-guilty daughter to get a confession, but maybe they can get the Boeing guy who offered her the deal. Then they could get all the Boeing execs who must have known the illegal details but went along with it because it’s how business is done, and then they could court-martial all the Pentagon folks that have been doing this for years, and the civilians (civilian = Pentagon official who has retired in order to cash out her connections in the defense sector) they could just kidnap to Guantanamo. And then maybe everybody in Washington who profits from selling machines for killing people to international murderers would be in prison, and the US would not be the world’s biggest arms dealer any more.

Ah, I may have gotten carried away somewhere in that last paragraph. Anyway, to focus on the actual positive, one highly placed criminal has confessed. It's a start, I hope.