Is you taking notes on a criminal fucking conspiracy? Hollywood Edition

Consider Les and Jeffrey.

A New York Times exposé1 published Wednesday revealed a previously unreported sexual assault accusation made against former CBS chair Les Moonves that ultimately led to his firing. According to the Times, in March 1995 rising star Bobbie Phillips met with Moonves in his office. During the meeting, she says, Moonves asked her to be his girlfriend, and then “grabbed her by the neck, pushed her to her knees and forced his penis into her mouth.” After the alleged attack, Phillips told her agent Marv Dauer about the incident. As rumors swirled this year that Moonves would be the next powerful man to topple from allegations of sexual harassment and assault, Dauer and Moonves spoke frequently about the incident with Phillips, and Moonves seemed willing to cast Dauer’s clients to keep the agent from speaking to reporters. —Harris Hunter, Vulture2

Recurring themes:

  1. Try to have the situational and criminological awareness to realize you are entering into a criminal conspiracy before you start texting about it, and then don’t text about it. On the other hand,

  2. A key way that outsiders learn about truths within a closed system of elites is when some of those elites fight each other.

  3. And a subsidiary theme: your agent is not on your side.