More hats

A plain, gray wool hat, worn by is probably a person but only a little strip of head is visible between the bottom of the hat and the bottom of the picture, showing hair and possibly light-colored skin on one side.  The background is plain and blurry, with some bokeh circles in the top corners.

Hat 82: Plain wool hat

A knitted hat with a complicated pattern reminiscent of the top of the Chrysler Building, with stripes of yellow, light blue, and dark blue color, worn by a child or baby facy away, with the right side in shadow, and light-colored straigh hair wisping sideways below the hat.

Hat 83: Ostrich Feather Lace child hat

A knitted hat with stripes of lurid red, brown, deep blue, and a color slightly too dark to be lime green, worn by a person facing awy, covering their entire head from behind, with a bit of light fleece and pink collar visible.  The background is blurred.

Hat 84: Not a Baby hat