Roles, or, The future is already happening

Most everybody I know personally is either a spectator in this war or, for the few soldiers I know, a pawn. Meanwhile in the blog world this amazing drama is unfolding as we read the daily entries of this poor bastard posting live from Baghdad, and his friends and internet contacts around the world and right next door. One of whom writes:

I cannot not not not get over the irony of this war and how we are all communicating with one another. I am a sort-of-hawk (at least, conditionally pro-war), and I am communicating with a Baghdadi from New York City; an Israeli puts up a mirror site for this Iraqi; the guy in Baghdad wishes an Israeli woman and her family well while he is about to be shocked and awed by my country's unparalleled ability to wage war; she puts up a website from the IDF Home Command for him to download a PDF survival guide in Arabic. (linkrot: HTTPConnectionPool(host=‘gotha)