Something else that isn't a hat: a Counterweight Cozy

My original plan for the desk was that the counterweight for the monitors would be a flowerpot.  The fully loaded monitor bar weighs forty-seven and a half pounds, so that was a bad plan.  The plan as executed features a flowerpot hanging from the top bar, and below that, barbell weights on a crossbar.  Eventually I decided to pretty them up, and to have an in-progress knitting project always at hand at the desk, and so I made this:

The yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky, a very very fat wool/alpaca blend.  This is blue, which is a very very pale blue in person.  I used circular bamboo 15s for this.  Nothing fancy, just a stockinette tube with a little increasing and decreasing at the ends.  The body is a bit over forty stitches in circumference. The holes from my Make One increases finally inspired me to learn some better increases, like Make One Left and Make One Right, but since they blend in you can only see the ugly increases.

And the nice thing about decreases is that they don't leave holes:

Here's the Ravelry project.

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