Veterans day

I’m aware of three candidates for most righteous, furious, funny political cartoonist. David Rees, Ted Rall, and Dwayne Booth.

Interlude. Realizing that list is exclusively male, I spent a few minutes googling for female political cartoonist. I found Signe Wilkinson, who wrote:

Editors also seem touchingly comforted by a breadth of humor that ranges from Jay Leno all the way to David Letterman monologue material. It’s humor that whacks Newt today, then Bill tomorrow, with just a touch of naughtiness. For example, if the news is filled with wild leaks about White House interns, a cartoon showing the first dog Buddy next to the first shrubbery and a lot of excited reporters racing over yelling “Another White House leak!” would be appropriate.
But I just went through about ten of her recent cartoons and they were all terrible, so I'll have to dig a bit deeper than the top google hit. End Interlude.

Anyway, two Mr Fish cartoons have really stood out this year since I started reading him daily. They aren't especially funny. The first one is apropos these very moving times of "Si se puede", and the second one I repost for Veterans Day.