What about the rest of Wikipedia?

www.nybooks.com 403 Forbidden (linkrot: 403: Forbidden)Nicholson Baker uses a review of a book about Wikipedia to rhapsodize about it and discuss his own role as a defender of articles facing deletion. The discussion of the dynamics of Wikipedia is very interesting. What’s even more interesting is that the entire article goes by without a hint that the “2.2 million articles” Baker talks about are only the English-language articles. These make up less than half of the total. Some obvious questions: When there is discussion to delete an article in one language, what does this mean for the versions of the article in other languages? Which leads to, what are the relationships and communications between the Wikipedia communities in different languages? Are most languages just shadows of the English? How many articles have no English version? Most interestingly, I think: do the bodies of contributors in various languages each comprise distinct communities, and if so, how do they differ amongst themselves and what, if anything, do those differences tell us?