What freakish circumstance?

www.salon.com (linkrot: 403)Skip the first four pages of tediously mediocre writing and revel in the getting-exposed-as-a-fraud third act of this sad story.

"Right. You can't be serious. I mean -- How did you get here? By what freakish circumstance did your résumé find its way into a pile with the rest of these seasoned professionals? I'm looking at this résumé and I'm thinking, Hey, this guy has never done anything serious in his life. Even the names here are ridiculous: QuantumLeaps, FutureClicks, Luminescence. What the hell are 'boutique eco-bungalows?' How did you end up here, talking to me?"

I was too shocked by her sudden change in demeanor to debate the relative merits of those names versus "CogentResponse."