What plane is that?

aufrecht.org 404 Page not found | aufrecht.org (linkrot)Living for two years along the flight pattern of San Diego’s N.S. Lindbergh Airport*, I turned into a little bit of a plane-spotter. For no particular reason, I decided to put this chart together this weekend. It should help anyone with a casual interest in planes identify any of the common commercial jet airliners (except the Russian ones).

What Plane is That?

There is also a PDF version. Both the graphic (all sizes) and PDF are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. Please attribute Joel Aufrecht and link to this page.

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* N.S. Lindbergh being an abbreviation for Nazi Sympathizer Lindbergh. This is not part of the formal name of the airport, which is simply San Diego International Airport, but as long as they have artifacts memorializing him and a big mural of him by the road, I think it's only appropriate to keep N.S. in the name.