Why classrooms are generally bad places to learn

www.adlnet.org Page not found - Best Spy Apps (linkrot)I’m digging through bits of SCORM. The first 18 pages of a 57-page document are the typical waste of paper you can expect from DoD-related projects, but by page 19 there are some words that suggest what SCORM might actually be:

The speed with which different individuals can progress through instruction varies by factors of three to seven ­ even in classes of carefully selected students [8].

On average, a student in classroom instruction asks about 0.1 questions an hour [9].

In individual tutoring, providing increased opportunities for direct student-to-instructor communication, students may ask or answer as many as 120 questions per hour [9].

The achievement of individually tutored students may exceed that of classroom students by as much as two standard deviations - an improvement that is roughly equivalent to raising the performance of 50th percentile students to that of 98th percentile students [10].

SCORM is a framework for storing educational data, like tests and lessons. Or it's a framework for a framework. Or a standard for a mechanism that might potentially exchange frameworks that might implement an environment containing content that could conceivably be relevant to education. I swear they must have used Java just to write the spec document, it's got so many buzzwords. Anyway, I'll see if I can figure it out.