S Aufrecht

US Military Equipment in Iraq (2007) - WikiLeaksWikileaks.org is once again directly accessible. I checked it out and noticed that in late 2007 someone leaked “the names, group structure and equipment registers of all units in Iraq with US army equipment”. Various grains of salt to be taken with this information, not least of which the suspect quality of the material even if it is all completely authentic.

My highlights of the highlights include:

  • At least 2,386 backpack tear gas sprayers. "The use of chemical weapons such as CS gas for military operations is illegal," so these are either being used for war crimes or domestic policing by US troops.
  • 39 automatic cash counting machines
  • 5 "portable mobile chemical and biological stations". This brings to mind the old joke, how do we know Hussein has weapons of mass destruction? We have the receipts from when we sold them to him.
  • Almost half of the 950,000 individual items in the spreadsheets are pieces of body armor.
  • The most common items after body armor are radios and electronic counter-measures (presumably radio-bomb jammers)