Yahoo News and Stockholm Syndrome

I don’t know why, but my default action at any web browser is to go to the Yahoo front page. I’ve been on the internet for almost two decades, and I’ve been going to Yahoo for as long as I can remember. I don’t use them for anything else, like Yahoo mail or anything, and it’s clear that they’re a disastrously run company and a place to generally avoid, and they have an ongoing commitment to make their homepage mind-blowingly awful—in as many ways as possible but with emphasis on clutter, advertisements, and Flash animations that range from pointless to interfering to vomitously grotesque.

But I'm still addicted to the news blurbs on the front page. Google News doesn't substitute. NY Times front page doesn't substitute. Nothing can fulfill this craving except six to eight short headlines and a touch of celebrity gossip or news of the weird.

And it's changed over time, usually not for the better, but I'm still stuck there. The best was when there were always, I think, six headlines, and the last one was some kind of light-hearted human interest item. They've stopped doing that, but plugged in a few more columns of junk. The top left part with the rotating pictures is terrible, but it has brain-dead-magazine-cover-type lists that I'm utterly helpless to not click on. Six ways to reduce your mortgage. Ten cars to avoid. Five foods with more anti-oxidants. I probably even learn one useful fact for every ten or twenty lists I read.

[EDITED to remove even less good writing].