You learn something every day

I grew up in Alaska, so I am not unfamiliar with the moose. Before I was a vegetarian, I even ate moose sausage once or twice. And while I’ve also eaten elk, I don’t remember ever actually seeing an elk.

But I just saw this article, 'World's largest elk' to be built in Sweden (via Making Light), and had to do some research. I learned that what is called a moose in North America is called an elk in Europe; what we call an elk in the US is a smaller animal of a different genus, and is called the wapiti in Eurasia.

As the OED explains under the entry for moose:
1. a. The elk, Alces alces. The usual name for the animal in North America (where elk is used instead for the wapiti, Cervus elaphus canadensis)...
Certainly there's nothing wrong with the word elk. It has a nice enough sound, /ɛlk/, if a bit abrupt, and a vague sense of nobility. But as words go, it really can't hold an antler to /mu̟ːs/.