Today I woke up with a ripping migraine that might have started as a hangover, but had rapidly progressed in my sleep into a spike through my skull. I really enjoy those, don’t you? I took one of my dwindling supply of Imitrex and felt better an hour or so later; around the time I could tie my shoes.

I went out and about and checked email, to find that one of the job openings I’d replied to on Tuesday had generated a response. It’s the position I think is a notch up from my last one, and they want to arrange a phone conversation. We’ll see if it materializes, but it’s worth a shot.

This lifted my spirits somewhat, since to date I’d gotten zero hits on the CVs I’d sent out the previous week. The Dutch people I talk to me laugh and recommend patience, stating that unlike America, a Dutch company may take a week or two to respond at least. I find this unfathomable, since any US high-tech company that blew off a resume they liked for a week would be out in the cold. I think they’re lying. The whole patience thing is a sham. Now.

I’ve been chatting with the redhead here. She’s been friendly, though I can’t tell if she’s interested yet or not. I suspect that she’s not quite sure on that herself yet, but at least she hasn’t decided that I’m toxic.

Funny that this should be important to me, but it is. Given the right mix of circumstances I can definitely see myself staying here now, in contrast to how I felt three weeks ago.

Thirty-nine moves in thirty-one years. I think what happened here is that I stayed long enough to start putting down roots. After so much of my life constantly moving I’ve developed that ability instinctively, so when I like a place I can settle in quite quickly. Make friends, learn the ropes, and find all those little places and spaces that make a life….

This is still a mixed bag for traveling. It’s almost as if I have to avoid staying in places I like if I want to keep moving at all. Or maybe its just Amsterdam and I won’t have this “problem” in the future.

Depending on how that phone conversation goes I don’t know what I’ll be up to over the next couple weeks. If I get a quick response then I’ll likely stay and see how it pans out. If not, I’m likely to hit the road and let things stew for a while. It’ll take me most of a week to cycle to Eindhoven, so by the time I get there I should know if anything is ripe yet. In the meantime, the redhead bartender tells me there’s a good party happening in Eindhoven next weekend that she’ll be at ….

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