The Bartender Is Bored

.. staying at a different hostel for the night, waiting for the shuttle back to Amsterdam, and the bartender is bored. So …

(Curtain raises, petite blond bartender curtsies)

hey Joel! I’m Lise…..the gorgeous nice friendly beautyful modest bartender!!!!! I’m a bit bored so I thought why not steal the computer from Duri (funny name, isn’t it?) So how are you Joel? Sorry you lost your job, but you know what? That just means you are a free man now!!!!……Sell your house, give your dog away to your grandma, eat all the food in the freezer, and buy a ticket to Zimbabwe, borneo, Holland whatever! I’ll give you a beer if you come here….. Very simple…..see you then……bye bye.

(The curtian closes as Duri returns to the stage) She is in fact gorgeous, nice, et al (excepting perhaps modest), and most likely would be happy to buy any of you a drink if you came by and said you were Joel. Oh, by the way, everyone meet Joel! Hi Joel! Joel lost his job recently, but I believe if he ever had a dog, he already ate him. But perhaps he’ll join me in Europe, sleeping under a park bench, because I’M OUT OF MONEY!!! But I’ll be fine. I plan to sell Joel. That should raise cash quickly. Lise is just a lure you see, but don’t tell him that….

Ah well, off to entertain the bored bartender.

© Duri Price, All Rights Reserved