The Flying Pig

Ah, the youth Hostel. So yesterday afternoon I did some research. I was looking for a good hostel to stay at, in part because this is a better way to save money, and in part because the hostel route seemed much more interesting than sitting alone in a hotel room all week.

A word about money. The Dutch dollar is the Guilder. It’s about 2.5 of these to a dollar, so 100 guilders is $40 US. Most things here are comparatively cheap. A meal in town in an average resturant is around 13-18g, or 5-9 US. I had a good calzone in an Italian place that was 18g last night. Goods are about average, but even internet access is cheaper than in the US (5-10g per hour or less). Living space is like Seattle; expensive. But you can do damned well for yourself on $200 USD otherwise.

So, a hostel dorm space runs abour 40g, and includes breakfast usually. I went meandering using Let’s Go Europe as a starting point and checked out some of the hostels for coolness factor and cost.


Me being me, I showed around 7:40am and was the first person there (almost the first on the street. The Dutch are not a morning people, it seems …). The door is secured, with entry by admission or key-code. If you buzz before 8:30, they tell you to bugger off until 8:30. I found myself at the head of the line chatting with German skateboard punks, American frat rats, French students, English gits, and the required brace of Australians.

This meant that when the que started around 8am and quickly backed up down the street I was the guy that all the dipshit fratrats came to and asked “Did you try the door?” which would be followed by a snarling noise and the crunch of bone.

Once I got in I had my pick of rooms, and went for a 42.50g 10-person dorm. Unfortunately, it turns out I’m quartered with the surviving fratrats, but I’m here for a week so I suspect I’ll outlast them.

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