Debranding baseball stadiums

I've long been in the habit of debranding professional sports stadiums in my head and when I talk about them. The Giants play at Phone Company Park in downtown San Francisco. The Mariners played in Insurance Company Field, which since 2008 has been technically been Wholly Owned Subsidiary of a Diversified Global Insurer Field, or "Insurance Company Field" for short. What can we do to further liberate our vocabulary from corporate branding? (1) Here's my attempt, in order of opening

De-Branded Baseball Stadium Names

1: Okay, yes, the teams themselves are all corporations, and the team names are brands. So maybe we are just liberating ourselves from a little bit of the worst, most gratuitous branding? Anyway see the last part of the next footnote.

2: It's named after the person, not the eponymous company, and it has plenty of history, and ultimately I don't feel the need to be an absolutist about this.

3: pronounced thrill'-bo-pap