What to wear (hat edition)

After the lack of Championship baseball games, probably the biggest problem with the off-season is that I don't know which hat to wear when I go out. During the season, the universe generally makes it clear based on who's in or out of town, who had the better game last night, or simply who needs more cheering up. But what am I supposed to do in December? Fielder trade: probably good. Fister trade: probably bad. Uribe deal: necessary but scary. Trey Hillman's firing: ugly. But worth picking a hat over?

I am pleased with the look and fit of my new road Detroit hat. And that's a lucky thing, because with the 30% polyester content, the trick of using hot water to shrink it and a blowdryer while wearing it to set it might not have worked. I guess that's what "molten" wool is: mostly wool. Also, it's made on "original machines", which conjures up lovely images of some rehabilitated warehouse/factory in Detroit with lovingly preserved, deeply unsafe 1930s machinery and old women and men who, thanks to the retro trend, have jobs because they are the only people who know how to operate it (they sure don't have pensions). But it was made in Bangladesh. Did they really ship the original machines there? Heck, I guess they may have. I am happy every now and then to pay absurd-seeming prices to indulge my inner hipster, but only if I have reason to believe that a decent chunk of that money is trickling all the way down.