Duri Price looking back at the camera in a selfie, with a ruin behind him

Start here for the 2001 Travelogue.

Journals of a Modern Barbarian

  1. Thog’s Travels (Flickr). Photo from Duri’s Flickr. ↩︎

But Wait, There’s More
In Circles
All the other moneys …
Eindhoven back to A’Dam
On The Road To Arnhem
Getting Ready To Skip Town
Dutch Politics
In the Meantime, Back At The Ranch
On the Beach
Back to A’Dam
No Shit, There I Was In Southampton …
Hey Effluvious, We’re Running Short Of Towels Here
The Tube, The Belfast, The Tower, Parliament, The Palace
A Word About London Traffic
The Luftwaffe Civil Engineering Corps
Twitch Mode
Vacuum In My Head
Oh, you’re the naked guy of 107!
How Can I? How Should I? Would I
About mid Friday my left leg gave out.
Lousy Food and Warm Beer!
The Bartender Is Bored
The Flying Pig
But what the HELL is the Dutch fascination with the word ‘Poot’?!?
I noticed that there were deep red lights above the windows
Amsterdam, Adventure!
Below me the flat plain of ice drops away into jagged hills
Going Far Away To Do Wild and Crazy Things
Duri and ruminations…