Duri Price

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Journals of a Modern Barbarian

Thog’s Travels (Flickr). Photo from Duri’s Flickr.

2001-07-19: But Wait, There’s More
2001-07-17: Birthday
2001-07-16: In Circles
2001-07-14: All the other moneys …
2001-07-13: Eindhoven back to A’Dam
2001-07-10: Njimegan
2001-07-07: Arnhem
2001-07-06: Bunnik
2001-07-06: On The Road To Arnhem
2001-07-04: Possibilities
2001-07-03: Bikes
2001-07-02: Getting Ready To Skip Town
2001-06-30: Dutch Politics
2001-06-27: In the Meantime, Back At The Ranch
2001-06-23: On the Beach
2001-06-20: Back to A’Dam
2001-06-19: No Shit, There I Was In Southampton …
2001-06-18: Hey Effluvious, We’re Running Short Of Towels Here
2001-06-18: The Tube, The Belfast, The Tower, Parliament, The Palace
2001-06-17: Dancing
2001-06-16: A Word About London Traffic
2001-06-15: The Luftwaffe Civil Engineering Corps
2001-06-12: Twitch Mode
2001-06-11: Vacuum In My Head
2001-06-10: Oh, you’re the naked guy of 107!
2001-06-07: How Can I? How Should I? Would I
2001-06-04: About mid Friday my left leg gave out.
2001-06-04: Lousy Food and Warm Beer!
2001-06-04: The Bartender Is Bored
2001-06-02: The Flying Pig
2001-06-01: But what the HELL is the Dutch fascination with the word ‘Poot’?!?
2001-06-01: I noticed that there were deep red lights above the windows
2001-05-31: Amsterdam, Adventure!
2001-05-30: Below me the flat plain of ice drops away into jagged hills
2001-05-30: Going Far Away To Do Wild and Crazy Things
2001-05-29: Duri and ruminations…