Out of focus in the foreground, a small person faces away from the camera, with shoulder-lengthstraight dark blonde hair and a white and blue striped shirt A vertical chart that looks like a repeating hourglass of yellow and red in the middle with black sides. In front of the figure, which obscures their middle, a corgi lies stretched out prone on a coir rug, their head and shoulders visible the right side and butt and hind legs on the left side.

Kona, 2005–2016.
Kona waits for her chicken
Urban hiking team selfie
Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched?
Are you going to drop that food on the floor?
Where is the gene for corgiousness?
What do you want?
Kona’s Country Club 45-47
European Union Embassies’ Open House Day (and Kona’s Country Club 19-22)
East to California