2020/03/03: The 2020 version of the Desk
2016/09/03: A space-saving redesign plus more megapixels for the Sit/Stand/Walk Desk
2015/06/28: Some more upgrades to the Sit/Stand/Walk Desk: Speaker, Laptop, Phone, Shelf
2014/05/08: Another upgrade to the SSWF desk: Third Monitor
2014/04/29: An addition to the Sit/Stand/Walk/Flowerpot desk
2014/04/03: The design challenges and failures of the Sit/Stand/Walk/Flowerpot Desk
2014/03/15: How to build the Sit/Stand/Walk/Flowerpot Desk
2014/01/09: Something else that isn’t a hat: a Counterweight Cozy
2013/11/18: The Basics of the Sit/Stand/Walk/Flowerpot desk
2013/10/13: Prerequisite for a dream